Nebraska-based Silverhawk Aviation has reopened its jet card program, adding a super-midsize option

Silverhawk Aviation has restarted its as-available jet card program.

The Lincoln, Nebraska-based operator had, like many other providers, put its jet card program on hiatus when demand surged to record levels in the second half of 2021.

Its card program was reopened for new members in January.

The charter and fractional operator currently has five King Air turboprops, 10 light jets, six midsize aircraft, and one super-midsize jet.

Last year, Silverhawk Aviation was the 20th largest charter and fractional operator in the U.S. based on flight hours.

Its program is regionally targeted, offering fixed one-way rates without repositioning for flights starting and ending within 200 nautical miles of Lincoln, Nebraska.

That geography includes Kansas City, Topeka, Des Moines, and Sioux City, among other key cities in the region.

The current program adds a super-midsize option to fixed hourly pricing for turboprops, light, and midsize jets.

King Air rates start at $3,500 per hour, plus fuel surcharge and FET.

Silverhawk Aviation’s jet card currently has 117 members.

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