VistaJet may place up to 25 private jets in Africa

After chalking up 25% growth in Africa last year, VistaJet chairman Thomas Flohr is bullish on continued expansion.

By Doug Gollan, February 10, 2023

VistaJet is bullish on Africa, Vista Global Chairman Thomas Flohr told CNBC Africa in a wide-ranging interview.

The company has been operating in Africa since 2010 and saw a 25% growth in 2022. It plans to increase the number of aircraft based there.

“Africa is a very, very important continent if you look at the world map…The regions in Africa are more and more popular destinations for international investors, whether they come from the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, or Asia,” he noted.

“We want Africa to be at the forefront of our growth,” he told the news channel.

That could mean 15-to-25 VistaJet aircraft placed across Africa in the next three-to-five years.

Flohr said a key driver is the lack of connectivity between the different countries.

Thomas Flohr

“That’s where private jets are coming in. You have a direct connection between the countries, and obviously, flying privately is your schedule, not the airline’s schedule,” he said.

Additionally, aircraft ownership in Africa is challenging, both in terms of hiring and keeping qualified pilots and maintenance.

VistaJet has expanded its sales team in Africa and is focusing on the West Coast, East Africa, and Southern Africa, according to Flohr.

He said the company is seeing strong demand from cities in West Africa to India and Southeast Asia, where flying nonstop by private jet can dramatically cut travel time.

Leaders who need to travel and need visit factories or clients experience efficiency.

The company is also benefiting from its branded approach, offering the African consumer a consistent and reliable experience.

Vista Global ranked as the 4th largest private jet operator in the U.S. last year, measured by charter and fractional flight hours.

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