To celebrate the arrival of its first fractional Citation CJ3+ FlyExclusive has rolled out a flight credits incentive

FlyExclusive is offering up to $100,000 in flight credits for new owners in its fractional ownership program.

The promotion is limited to 50 owners.

“We are excited to receive the newest additions to the FlyExclusive fleet in a few months,” said Tommy Sowers, President of the operator.

He added, “We wanted to celebrate that occasion with a special thank you to our new fractional owners with this commemorative flight charge credit. Our customer success has been and will continue to be founded on building lasting relationships.”

The Citation CJ3+s are part of the charter operator’s entry into the fractional market.

The light jet program was announced last April.

It was followed up with an order for midsize and super mid-jets in October.

FlyExclusive was ranked as the fifth-largest private jet operator in 2022 based on fractional and charter flight hours.

Shares in the CJ3+ start at $750,000.

The new program eschews monthly management fees, fuel surcharges, and interchange fees.

It uses the company’s jet card formula with a daily access fee and then an hourly rate.

The formula favors users making multiple flights on the same day, not necessarily returning to base.

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