JetASAP adds mechanical recovery coverage for app users

Broker bypass platform JetASAP has added the ability for users to purchase flight recovery coverage for their private jet charters.

By Doug Gollan, April 7, 2023

Broker bypass platform JetASAP has added the ability for users to purchase flight recovery coverage for their private jet charters

JetASAP, a subscription platform enabling users to receive quotes directly from charter operators, offers aircraft mechanical recovery coverage.

“Over 12% of private aircraft charter flights experience mechanicals where an aircraft is unable to accomplish its flight. This can cause a large financial loss, added work to find a replacement, a high-stress environment, and potentially the cancelation or delay of your trip,” JetASAP Founder and CEO Lisa Sayer tells Private Jet Card Comparisons.

Platform members (who pay $100 per year for membership) receive mechanical coverage and support for any of their trips for an additional payment that ranges between 2.5% and 4.5% of the flight cost via Charter Flight Support, which Sayer recruited to offer the service.

Saving money

If the charter flight costs $25,000 and the replacement flight costs $50,000, the coverage provider will cover 100% of the price difference between what was originally booked and the costs of the replacement aircraft.

JetASAP members can pre-purchase the Aircraft Recovery Support at any time before the departure date of their charter mission through a link in the app that takes them directly to CFS’s website.

Not everything is covered through the program. Excluded are unscheduled maintenance events that occur 11 days or more before departure date; scheduled maintenance events; the aircraft owner pulling the jet; Pilot related delays or flight cancellations, and weather-related delays or flight cancellations

The CFS product does not guarantee a replacement aircraft within a specific timeframe.

The booked operator’s sales team will work with CFS with the best commercial efforts to secure a replacement aircraft with as minimal departure delay as possible.

The product is designed to provide financial coverage but does not guarantee a recovery aircraft with a specific timestamp, says, Sayer.

She says that replacement operators must be a member of the CFS’s approved safety network, and each pilot, aircraft, and itinerary will be verified before departure.

Sayer adds special pricing members typically receive is typically more than their membership in JetASAP.

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