Fly Alliance wants charter brokers to sell fractional shares

Operator Fly Alliance is enlisting brokers to help it sell fractional shares of its new Citation XLS+/Gen II program.

By Doug Gollan, April 26, 2023

Operator Fly Alliance is enlisting brokers to help it sell fractional shares of its new Citation XLS+/Gen II program

Fly Alliance wants on-demand charter brokers to help sell shares in its new fractional ownership program.

According to an email that went to over 3,000 brokers yesterday, Fly Alliance is offering a $50,000 commission to charter brokers for referrals who buy at least a 1/10th share in its new Citation XLS+/Gen II program.

It recently was offering consumers a free Rolex promotion for fractional buyers.

Fly Alliance President Christopher Tasca calls the approach to enlist charter brokers “unusual,”

However, he says the 18th-largest private jet operator in the U.S. already has many industry relationships.

In addition to having their own on-demand retail and jet card business, they have a strong wholesale business, including empty legs.

“I increase my sales team exponentially,” he tells Private Jet Card Comparisons.

According to the email, “Our Citation XLS+/Gen II fractional product is a $1.195 million purchase, it is a 5-year commitment, and offers point-to-point travel at $5,995 per hour. The $1.195 million purchase is subject to 80% bonus deprecation this calendar year.”

It continues, “You will be the primary point of contact in the sale; myself and (CEO) Kevin (Wargo) will be here to support you during the process. The fulfillment will be led by our ownership team, whom you work with every day, led by Cameron Philips. You will be on all communication; your customer will receive the full benefit as the owner.”

It concludes, “This is a great solution and value you can add to your clients who are chartering significantly but could benefit from a fractional purchase and will allow you to keep them as a client for their other needs.”

Tasca adds, “Everyone has a client or two in their portfolio that they do not have a product for.”

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