Florida private jet flights plummet while Germany soars as overall private jet flight activity continues its slide this past week

Global private jet flight activity dropped 2% week-to-week with 69,100 departures. That’s 6% below last year.

Over the past four weeks, private jet flights are 8% below the corresponding period in 2022.

Florida freeze

For Week 16, the U.S. registered 49,240 departures, a 3% week-to-week drop and 8% below last year.

Over the past month, those numbers have been off by 10%.

Florida’s 7,148 flights for the week ending April 23, 2023, marked a 17% drop from 2022.

Sunshine State flights are 13% down during the last four weeks.

Europe saw a 9% week-to-week gain with 10,400 flights, 2% under last year’s numbers.

Over the past month, Europe private jet departures are 6% under a year ago.

Germany is the star of the moment, or the week, with a 40% week-to-week jump to 1,500 departures.

Over the past month, flights were still 4% below 2022’s record levels.

Total – Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2023 – Week 16

MarketWeek 16%Change vs. prior week%Change vs. 2022 52- week highWeek52-week lowWeekLast 4 Weeks %Change vs. 2022
Global69,100-2%-6%78,503W25 202257,233W51 2022274,795-8%
North America53,513-4%-8%61,611W16 202243,691W51 2022215,287-10%
USA49,240-3%-8%56,195W16 202238,832W51 2022196,402-10%
Florida7,148-13%-17%9,174W8 20233,744W39 202231,354-13%
California5,0142%-10%5,817W16 20224,066W51 202218,980-14%
Texas5,106-1%-7%5,797W43 20223,730W5 202320,280-8%
Europe10,4009%-2%17,608W26 20226,648W52 202238,557-6%
UK1,3687%-3%2,336W26 2022982W52 20225,182-10%
Germany1,50040%33%1,915W26 2022651W52 20224,858-4%
France1,453-3%-7%3,032W21 20221,011W52 20225,682-8%
Switzerland6556%9%1,209W21 2022549W47 20222,705-8%
Italy1,13920%-8%2,357W28 2022511W52 20223,852-1%
Middle East1,3352%-6%2,173W50 2022984W52 20224,876-10%
Africa79510%11%876W19 2022622W2 20233,019-1%
Asia2,441-5%9%3,269W50 20221,786W32 20229,79810%
South America1,401-3%15%1,490W6 20231,006W29 20225,73415%
Source: WingX for Private Jet Card Comparisons. Includes Jets and VIP Airliners.

Charter and fractional operators had 34,737 departures in Week 16, a 3% week-to-week drop.

That was 11% down from last year for Week 16 and 12% during the trailing four weeks.

U.S. charter and fractional operators operated 25,026 flights for the week, an 11% drop from 2022.

European fractional and charter departures were up 8% week-to-week but down 8% from last year.

Part 135/91K – Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2023 – Week 16

Market (Part 91K & Part135)Week 16%Change vs. prior wk%Change vs. 202252-week highWeek52-week lowWeekLast 4 Weeks %Change vs. 2022
Global34,737-3%-11%41,552W25 202231,174W51 2022138,797-12%
North America26,424-5%-12%31,488W16 202222,967W35 2022107,693-12%
USA25,026-4%-11%29,486W16 202221,948W35 2022101,201-13%
Florida4,087-14%-19%5,792W52 20222,024W39 202217,895-14%
California3,0400%-15%3,678W16 20222,635W51 202211,630-17%
Texas2,1096%-11%2,494W42 20221,644W27 20228,279-12%
Europe7,4928%-8%12,962W27 20224,995W52 202227,574-12%
UK1,0256%-11%1,772W26 2022735W2 20233,895-15%
Germany1,01432%24%1,295W25 2022516W52 20223,325-8%
France1,063-5%-12%2,401W21 2022764W52 20224,087-12%
Switzerland4875%5%868W21 2022415W47 20222,000-13%
Italy89619%-9%1,855W28 2022389W52 20223,009-4%
Middle East6789%-12%1,075W50 2022512W52 20222,371-15%
Africa22810%-13%321W13 2022160W35 2022858-23%
Asia538-19%-16%1,015W50 2022407W30 20222,375-1%
South America36-28%-20%83W45 202213W24 202217622%
Source: WingX for Private Jet Card Comparisons. Includes Jets and VIP Airliners.

Looking at the markets we track, only Germany (+24%) and Switzerland (+5%) saw more fractional and charter departures last week than in 2022.

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