30.9% of private jet flyers say sustainability programs are important in provider selection

Respondents who spend over $500,000 per year on jet card programs are more likely (40%) to consider SAF and carbon offer programs important in provider choice.

By Doug Gollan, October 17, 2023

Nearly one-third (30.9%) of private jet flyers say sustainability programs will be an important factor the next time they choose a jet card, membership, or fractional ownership program.

The results come from the 2023/24 edition of The Jet Card Report by Private Jet Card Comparisons, which will be officially released in November.

There were 546 responses, and the survey has a margin of error of +/-3%.

It was the first time in the annual survey the question was asked, and the responses came with some caveats.

Extra Charges = No Thanks

Of those that said provider programs offering carbon credits or sustainable aviation fuel will be important when deciding which program to go with, an overwhelming majority (23.4%-to-7.5%) said “only if they are included in the price” as opposed to “willing to pay extra for carbon offsets or SAF.”

Private aviation users who started flying privately after the start of the Covid pandemic were slightly more likely to consider sustainability programs important at 33.8%.

However, they, too, want them included in the base price of flying by a 26.4%-to-7.4% margin.

For respondents who don’t fly privately but are considering it, 37.5% said sustainability programs will be an important factor in their choice.

By contrast, only 26.7% of those respondents who were flying privately before Covid said that sustainability programs will be a factor the next time they have to select a program provider.

However, they were more willing to pay extra, although those who wanted it included were still a majority by a 17.8% to 8.9% margin.

For providers – and the industry – which has largely embraced various carbon neutrality goals, they are still navigating a difficult subject.

“I would actively avoid companies that communicate their liberal-leaning climate change nonsense,” said one respondent who will not be considering sustainability initiatives in his next choice.

However, another added, “I can easily compensate myself and have full control over which program is used.”

Heavy Users Favor Sustainability

One positive note for industry providers that are championing sustainability is that respondents who spent the most were more likely to consider it important.

Some 40.6% of those surveyed who had spent $500,000 or more in jet card purchases over the past year said provider sustainability programs will be an important consideration for their next purchase.

They want it included in their base price by a 25.0%-to-15.6% margin.

Respondents who are in fractional programs were slightly more likely to see the programs as important (36.3%) than the overall sample.

They want them included in base pricing by a 22.6% to 13.7% margin.

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