Airstream Jets offers 5% discount, free upgrade in jet card deal

Distance Card buyers can save up to 5% via an end of the year promotion from Airstream Jets for its mileage-based jet card.

By Doug Gollan, December 26, 2023

Broker Airstream Jets, which sells a fixed-rate, guaranteed availability jet card that uses mileage instead of minutes, has an end-of-the-year deal.

Buyers of its Gold level Distance Card get a $5,000 discount.

They also get a free category upgrade.

The Gold level is normally $100,000.

Airstream Jets also offers a Silver level at $25,000.

Buyers of a Silver Distance Card receive a $500 discount.

The program offers four stackable 5% discounts.

Flights to and from over a dozen high-volume airports generate 5% savings.

You can also save money by allowing the flight provider to move your flight +/- 1 day or booking 14 days in advance.

Additionally, qualifying roundtrips gain a 5% savings.

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