BC Flight offers up to $200,000 in jet card savings

In a promotion that runs through the end of June jet card buyers with BC Flight get a 10% bonus in flight hours.

By Doug Gollan, June 4, 2024

Jet card broker BC Flight is offering customers savings of up to $200,000 in flight costs via its current promotion.

Founder and CEO Thane Namy says the latest offer follows customers’ feedback that free hours are the most significant incentive they want.

The promotion, which runs through the end of June, offers bonus flight hours at all levels.

BC Flight’s jet cards start at 10 hours.

Buyers at the entry-level get one free hour.

At 25 hours, you receive 2.5 free hours, and the 10% bonus continues up to 200 hours, which, based on a large cabin jet, would yield a savings of $200,000.

Namy says the company has already signed up 40 customers after launching the jet card last summer.

“You would like to grow faster, but at the same time, if you try to grow exponentially, you are going to have service issues,” he says.

Namy is a telecom entrepreneur and former jet card consumer who founded BC Flight after appreciating the convenience of guaranteed availability and fixed-rate cards. He concluded that the providers he had used lacked small details and customer service.

He points to mark-ups on catering and mistakes in flight confirmations and invoices.

BC Flight recently cut its callout from 168 hours to 96 hours.

Namy says he felt comfortable at the lower callout after nearly a year, and the company could still source quality airplanes “and not lose money.”

Escrow account option

BC Flight offers an optional escrow account.

It’s available for buyers of 25 hours or more.

It requires company and customer signatures, with funds released after flight confirmation.

Namy says the escrow account is free of charge, although most buyers have yet to request it.

“It’s there if somebody wants it; we have it. It’s more so we don’t lose the sale,” he tells Private Jet Card Comparisons.

He said the escrow account answers customers who are skittish about dealing with a new company or the possibility of failure.

“In the past, companies were selling jet cards the day before they closed their doors,” he noted.

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