NetJets cuts prices for flexible flyers with new jet card

The One Card from NetJets on its Citation XLS fleet features its lowest rates along with 90 blackout dates.

By Doug Gollan, July 1, 2024

NetJets is lowering rates with a new jet card targeting flexible flyers.

Its new One Card features the midsize Citation XLS, which seats seven passengers.

However, instead of 45 peak days and 45 blackout dates, the One Card carries 90 blackout dates.

All of its current jet card products have a 48-hour callout.

NetJets President, Sales, Marketing, and Service Patrick Gallagher says, “As an alternative to charter solutions, this limited quantity card offers immediate entry into our program and access to the midsize XLS for those with flexible travel schedules, which is why we believe it will be a desirable travel solution.”

He adds, “NetJets continues to see strong demand in the market from individuals who want a guaranteed solution with the finest fleet in private aviation.”

According to its website, the new “limited quantity” card is priced at $225,000, including fuel and tax.

The One Card $9,000 hourly rate compares favorably to the industry.

At the end of Q1, the average hourly price for a midsize jet with guaranteed availability and pricing was $9,169 per Private Jet Card Comparisons’ quarterly pricing analysis of programs. 

The world’s largest private jet operator doesn’t publish detailed product pricing.

However, Private Jet Card Comparisons estimates pricing for its standard 25-hour XLS card at $315,000 and its light jet Phenom 300 card at $279,000.

Like its other jet cards, the One Card guarantees downgrades but not upgrades.

NetJets includes deicing, WiFi, and catering.

For short-leg flyers, there are no daily minimums.

The average daily minimum for midsize jets was 79.0 minutes at the end of Q1.

NetJets is the launch customer for the XLS successor, the Ascend.

There are currently 74 of the midsize type in the NetJets fleet.

NetJets jet cards 2021-to-24

NetJets stopped jet card sales and renewals in August 2021 as demand surged.

That meant its entry-level became 50-hour per year fractional shares and leases.

It returned to the 25-hour market in early 2022 with 25-hour multi-year leases before finally restarting its current jet card program in October 2022.

Before the COVID-19 demand surge, NetJets had two programs.

One provided a 10-hour callout and just 30 peak days, while the other featured a 24-hour non-peak booking deadline and 45 peak dates.

The average number of peak days across all programs is still more than double its pre-Covid levels.

At the end of Q1, the average number of peak days with guaranteed rate and availability programs was 47.5 days.

According to The Jet Card Report 2023/24, NetJets has the largest pipeline of prospects who considered joining one of its programs, chose another provider, and would consider the Berkshire Hathaway unit.

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