Dassault Aviation Falcon 900

Dassault Aviation Falcon 900 profile, including current pricing, manufacturing dates, cabin size and passenger capacity, range, speed, baggage space, and jet card options.

The Dassault Falcon 900 is a large-cabin private jet manufactured by the French aerospace company Dassault Aviation.

Flying Magazine writes, “The Falcon 900LX..is the latest entry in Dassault’s lineup of tri-engine, wide-body, long-range business jets. It is a popular choice for buyers looking for an ocean-hopping airplane with a big range — 4,750 nm — a fabulous cabin, and all the latest safety features.”


Manufacturing Dates

Production Start:


Production Ends:

In Production

Cabin Category

Large Cabin

Cabin Size & Passengers


6.2 Feet


7.7 Feet


33.2 Feet

Seating Capacity

Up to 12


3,590 nautical miles


High-Speed Cruise:

Mach 456

Long-Range Cruise:

Mach 428

Max Operating Speed:

Mach 500

Baggage Space

127 cubic feet


Fractional Ownership:


Dedicated Jet Card:



A new Dassault Aviation Falcon 900 is listed at $54 million

What is the Dassault Aviation Falcon 900?

The Falcon 900LX entered service in 2010 and is still in production. The original Falcon 900 joined service in 1986 and was in production until 1991. The follow-up Falcon 900B was produced from 1991 until 2000. The Falcon 900C spanned 1998 and 2005. The Flacon 900DX was manufactured from 2005 until 2010. The Falcon 900EX series ranged from 2003 to 2010, leading into the LX

What are the cabin dimensions of the Dassault Aviation Falcon 900?

The cabin length is 33 feet 2 inches; height is 6 feet 2 inches, and width of 7 feet 8 inches. The baggage compartment has a volume of 127 cubic feet. There is a lavatory in the rear, and the Falcon 900 can seat up to 14 passengers in multiple zones.

What is the range of a Dassault Aviation Falcon 900?

The Falcon 900 is powered by three Honeywell TFE731-5BR-1C turbofan engines, which provide a maximum cruise speed of 525 knots (604 mph) and a range of up to 4,750 nautical miles (5,470 miles). It has a maximum takeoff weight of 49,000 pounds and a maximum altitude of 51,000 feet.

How much does a Dassault Aviation Falcon 900 cost?

The price for a new Falcon 900LX is $54 million. Used Falcon 900s start from $7 million.

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Dassault Aviation Falcon 900 reviews

If you see a Falcon family resemblance in the 900, you’re right. The 900 series airplanes are descended from the first trijet Falcon, the Falcon 50, which was certified in the mid-1970s. At the time the idea of three engines was well within the mainstream; the Boeing 727 and the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 were both in their prime. Times have changed, however, and nearly every commercial jet design has two engines instead of three — yes, a few very large models have four.

Robert Goyer


Compared with its predecessor, the 900EX, the 900LX model will use less fuel and have an extra 300 nautical miles of range-a boost to 4,800 nautical miles-thanks to Aviation Partners' composite blended winglets, which reduce drag during climb and cruise flight. In the cockpit, the Honeywell Primus Epic-based EASy (Enhanced Avionics System) Phase II avionics will have increased capabilities, including synthetic vision for landing safely in extremely bad weather or at airports surrounded by difficult terrain.

Mark Huber

Business Jet Traveler

Years ago while flying a competitor aircraft, I used to listen to a crusty old maintenance chief wishing, day after day, to replace our then current aircraft with a Falcon. For many in business aviation, that same wish list persists today. After a flight of only an hour-and-a-half, it was clear to me the winglet-equipped 900LX is a worthy successor to the 900EX.

Robert Mark

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