Delta Private Jets triples its long range private jet fleet

By Doug Gollan, September 25, 2019

Jet card and charter operator Delta Private Jets is expanding its fleet of long-range private jets adding a Dassault Falcon and three Gulfstreams

Delta Private Jets has added three long-range Gulfstream aircraft and a Dassault Falcon 900 to its fleet of managed private jets, the company said, citing “response to customer demand for more options to experience the ultimate in-flight luxury and private jet access.”

“Our customers have told us they love our products and want a similar experience for longer-range flights,” said Rex Bevis, president and CFO, adding, “These new aircraft will provide that choice, and position Delta Private Jets as a market leader in making long-range private jet travel readily available for customers.”

The new jets will be available for service starting today to Delta Private Jets clients via its jet card program or as on-demand charters with no membership commitment, according to a press release.

The company said they will be “strategically located in the New York metropolitan area and the southeastern U.S. with convenient access to South Florida and Atlanta to enable easy and quick access to desired destinations.”

Delta Private Jets jet card pricing

Delta’s jet card program already offered access to the four major cabin categories, from light to midsize, super-midsize and large cabin private jets, so the long-range jets are now listed as a fifth category.

Its program starts with a $150,000 and offers access at negotiated hourly rates based on the deposit amount and a 24-month rate lock.  There is guaranteed Wifi, as few as 15 peak days, and a fixed rate service area that extends to Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico with surcharges ranging between 7 to 17%.

According to its website, there are now six long-range private jets in its fleet, including the new Falcon 900B which can seat up to 14 passengers with a range of 3,995 nautical miles. There is also one GV, a GIV, and three GIVSPs. It also lists four Challenger 604s under the large cabin heading.

The announcement did not disclose if the long-range jets have a different hourly rate, segment and daily minimums from large-cabin aircraft, or a different fixed rate service area.

The company said there is a different (unpublished) hourly rate for its new long-range jets separate from large-cabin jets, and the service region for fixed one-way rates (meaning no ferry fees) is the same as other cabin categories.

For the long-range birds, there is a 3-hour daily minimum and each leg has to be 2.5 hours minimum. For flights outside the fixed-rate region, so to or from Europe for example, DPJ provides a charter quote which can be deducted from jet card funds.

There are also 12 super-midsize jets, 30 midsize aircraft and 14 light jets listed in the fleet section of its website. Jet card members can pick the cabin category they want for each trip.

Sky Access empty leg program

In addition to its traditional jet card and on-demand pricing, its Sky Access empty leg program offers pay-as-you-go fixed hourly rates. Sky Access members who pay $6,000 annually and a $2,500 initiation fee get full aircraft empty legs as often as they can fly at no additional charge.

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