Embraer Legacy 500

Embraer Legacy 500 profile, including current pricing, manufacturing dates, cabin size and passenger capacity, range, speed, baggage space, fractional ownership and jet card options.

The Embraer Legacy 500 is a midsize private jet manufactured by the Brazilian aerospace company Embraer.

Flexjet and AirSprint feature it in their fractional fleets.

It is part of the Legacy family of aircraft that was rebranded under the Praetor label in 2019.

Manufacturing Dates

Production Start:


Production Ends:


Cabin Category

Super Midsize Cabin

Cabin Size & Passengers


6 Feet


6.83 Feet


27.5 Feet

Seating Capacity

Up to 9


2,762 nautical miles


High-Speed Cruise:

Mach 459

Long-Range Cruise:

Mach 439

Max Operating Speed:

Mach 472

Baggage Space

29 cubic feet


Fractional Ownership:


Dedicated Jet Card:



A new Embraer Legacy 500 is listed at $20 million

What is the Embraer Legacy 500?

Embraer announced the development of the Legacy 500 in 2007 as part of its mid-size business jet portfolio. The first Legacy 500 prototype completed its first flight on November 27, 2012. The Legacy 500 was certified by Brazil’s National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States in August 2014. The first delivery o occurred in November 2014.

What are the cabin dimensions of the Embraer Legacy 500?

The Legacy 500 (now the Praetor 600) has a cabin length of 23.6 feet, a height of  6 feet, and a width: of 6 feet 10 inches. It accommodates up to 9 passengers in a standard configuration with a three-seat divan. The fully enclosed lavatory is located at the rear of the cabin.

What is the range of a Embraer Legacy 500?

The Legacy 500 is powered by two Honeywell HTF7500E turbofan engines, which provide a maximum cruise speed of 466 knots (536 mph) and a range of up to 3,125 nautical miles (3,592 miles). It has a maximum takeoff weight of 38,360 pounds and a maximum altitude of 45,000 feet.

How much does a Embraer Legacy 500 cost?

When in production, a new Legacy 500 was priced at $20 million. Used types start at around $17 million.

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Embraer Legacy 500 reviews

With the Legacy 500, Embraer was clearly looking to move upstream with an airplane it hoped would enter service as the most technologically advanced midsize model available. Mission accomplished. It is without question one of the most advanced private airplanes in the world, period.

Robert Goyer


There simply is no other airplane in the 500’s price range that gives you a true wide stand-up, flat-floor cabin with all the latest luxuries, a cavernous luggage hold, smooth and full fly-by-wire digital flight controls mated to glass-panel avionics, superb short-field capability, and transcontinental range.

Mark Huber

Business Jet Traveler

At first glance, the Legacy 500 looks large, and in many ways it is. The flat floor, for example, adds a spacious feel to the 826-cu-ft cabin, which is larger than that of the Citation Sovereign+ at 620 cu ft but smaller than the Challenger 300/350 at 860 cu ft and the Gulfstream G280, the largest at 935 cu ft. Of the three competitors, only the Challenger has a flat-floor cabin, and this feature seems to be gaining traction as a popular differentiator. The Challenger and G280 are the only jets with a taller cabin height than the 72 inches of the Legacy 450/500, with the Challenger offering one more inch and the G280 three more inches.

Matt Thurber

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