Alliance offers jet card discounts, free flights

Alliance Aviation jet card

Alliance Aviation is giving a 5% discount off hourly rates at 50 jet card hours and first-flight free at 100 hours during January

Despite supply and demand issues, there are still deals to be had. Alliance Aviation, whose Wing Aviation Group sister is the 19th largest operator based on fractional and charter flight hours, has two special offers for jet cards purchased during January.

Alliance sets FET-free promo, increases daily minimums

Alliance Aviation jet card

Jet card provider Alliance Aviation is offering a 7.5% discount through year’s end while tweaking call-outs and minimums

Alliance Aviation is offering 1,000 hours FET-free. It joins Jet Edge in a redux of the sales push last year promoting the CARES Act tax holiday. The tax waiver ended on Dec. 31, 2020.

Buy this Gulfstream GIVSP jet card and get a 2021 Rapid Blue Corvette C8

Alliance Aviation is giving away a 2021 Rapid Blue Corvette C8 with the purchase of a 200-hour Gulfstream GIVSP jet card in a one-off promotion

Alliance Aviation is running a one-off promotion. It is giving a 2021 Rapid Blue Corvette C8 to the first person who buys a 200-hour Gulfstream GIVSP jet card.

Alliance Aviation to hike jet card hourly rates Aug. 1

Alliance Aviation jet card

With record demand for private jet flights, jet card provider Alliance Aviation says its jet card rates will increase at the beginning of next month

Alliance Aviation is the latest jet card seller to hike the hourly prices on its fixed-rate programs. The move comes as private aviation is seeing record demand.

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