Jet card provider Alliance Aviation is offering a 7.5% discount through year’s end while tweaking call-outs and minimums

Alliance Aviation is offering 1,000 hours FET-free. It joins Jet Edge in a redux of the sales push last year promoting the CARES Act tax holiday. The tax waiver ended on Dec. 31, 2020.

In this case, Alliance is simply offering a 7.5% discount when buying at least 50 hours through the end of the year. The promotion is limited to 1,000 hours. What’s more, light jets are excluded.

Alliance, which operates an on-and-off-fleet program via sister operator Wing Aviation is also tweaking policies. Non-peak call-out goes to 24 hours from 8 hours. Large cabin minimums go to 150 minutes, while lights and midsize jets are 120 minutes from 90 minutes.

Wing ranked as the 19th largest operator by Argus based on fractional and charter hours through June.

Its current fleet includes eight Gulfstream GIVSPs, five Hawker 800XPs, three Challenger 604s, and a pair of Global Express.

Alliance said it flew over 75 hours on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

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