Jet card and fractional provider Fly Alliance is targeting Wheels Up following yesterday’s program and management announcements

Fly Alliance is targeting Wheels Up customers, offering to comp their flight if there is a delay.

According to an email received by Private Jet Card Comparisons, titled “Wheels Up Customer Special,” the jet card and fractional operator offers, “Call, book, and schedule your next flight with us now. If we are not on time and in position when you are ready to go, your flight is free.”

Asked about conditions, Fly Alliance President Christopher Tasca says, No restrictions other than weather or act of God. If we’re late, we’re paying up.”

The email adds, “Our leadership team has been through this before, with Avant Air, Citation Shares, Jetsmarter, Jet Suite, major disruptions in the marketplace, and still, through these years, our customers have not been affected.”

It adds, “We are in excellent financial health,” and promises references on request.

While Fly Alliance’s jet card begins at 25 hours, Tasca says, “Our message to the Wheels Up community isn’t about making another big purchase right now. We want to prove ourselves first.”

The move comes after yesterday’s announcement of program and leadership changes and continued losses at Wheels Up.

Alliance ranked as the 18th largest private jet operator in the U.S. last year based on charter and fractional flight hours. Wheels Up ranked third.

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