XO launches RISE membership, tweaks Select Access

XO powered by JetSmarter technology

RISE is targeting fliers traveling privately 15 hours per year

Vista Global has also dropped references to JetSmarter in its XO branding

XO, which was formed by the merger of JetSmarter and XOJET, is making more tweaks to its membership offerings.

The biggest is the launch of RISE, a new tier targeting private travelers who fly less 15 hours per year.

It is priced at $595 and joins Select Access, Signature Access and Elite Access in the XO line-up membership line-up.

In a press release, the company said, “RISE makes private aviation more accessible and valuable for those who seek to use it more frequently – or have never experienced it – as well as those who fly private regularly, but   are not getting the elevated service, flexibility and quality aircraft they deserve.”

Jet Card Buyer’s Tip #2: Fixed Hourly Rates or Dynamic Pricing?

Magellan Jets jet card

Most jet cards offer two very different pricing models, but which one is best?

The genesis of the jet card was to provide a product that gave the user some of the attributes of full and fractional ownership (have an aircraft at your disposal and knowing how much it will cost to fly) while taking away the time consuming hassles of on-demand charter (contacting multiple brokers for each trip). Today, about 20% of the over 300 jet card programs tracked by Private Jet Card Comparisons uses dynamic pricing. So in this article, we look at both jet card pricing models.

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