Charter Flight Group adds wholesale pricing jet card

By Doug Gollan, December 8, 2021

Charter Flight Group’s new Clear Membership jet card offers dynamic pricing, plus a 12%-18% management fee

Charter Flight Group is putting its fixed-rate jet cards on hiatus, replacing them with dynamic pricing as charter market pricing continues to spike.

Since June, 37 U.S. providers selling fixed or capped rate jet cards have increased rates. A dozen have temporarily suspended taking new customers. So far, all have said they plan to begin selling fixed-rate cards in the future, including Charter Flight Group. Forty providers are still selling fixed and capped rate cards and memberships.

The new Clear Membership jet card promises wholesale pricing, plus a fixed mark-up:

  • $50,000 deposit and pay wholesale cost, plus 18%
  • $100,000 deposit and pay wholesale cost, plus 15%
  • $250,000 deposit and pay wholesale cost, plus 12%

At the highest level, members receive a $250 catering credit when booking super-midsize and large cabin private jets.

Transparent private charter pricing

Charter Flight Group CEO Jordan Brown tells Private Jet Card Comparisons, “We were getting emails from (on-demand private charter) clients saying, ‘That’s triple what we were paying.’ The idea behind the wholesale pricing model is we want them to see the direct invoices from the charter companies so they understand, that’s where the market is. The management fee is our margin, so it’s transparent.”

He added, “I’ve been doing this 20 years and I always said, no matter what, I can get you a plane. It may cost you more, but I can get you a plane. That’s no longer true.”

He now tells clients to book at least 60 days in advance.

Of the fixed-rate jet card, he said, “We’ll go back. We’re just making a pivot.”

There are about 40 customers in its fixed-rate program. They are being allowed to use their funds before transitioning.

“I tell them don’t switch until you have to. You won’t get charter rates close to your fixed rates,” he said.

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