Bermuda Says There’s Still Space For Private Jets During America’s Cup

The opening of the America’s Cup attracted 150 private jets between May 24 and May 31 with reservations for 250 on the books, according to airport officials in Bermuda who said they are prepared to handle as many as 50 private jets per day. The good news, the official said is that so far arrivals of private jets haven’t matched targets so there is still availability of landing slots and parking in case you want to come. 

Comment: Slick Marketing For Frye Festival Shows Why Due Diligence Is Necessary When Buying Private Jet Solutions

Last week as groups on chartered private jets and other affluent party-goers descended on Exuma in The Bahamas they were expecting to party on yachts with models, stay in luxury tents and sip designer cocktails. Blink-182, Migos, Lil Yachty, and Major Lazer were scheduled to perform. The remote location would make it more exclusive than Coachella and packages for the weekend cost up to $12,000, according to reports. Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid promoted the Fyre Festival via social media and Ja Rule was a founder and investor. What the partygoers found when they arrived was the acts had canceled, apparently not paid, mattresses but no tents and bread and cheese sandwiches that looked suited for a third grader’s lunch box. 

Top 10 Private Jet Events

What are the most popular events for the private jet set? While the Super Bowl ranks first typically attracting more than 1,000 private jets, NetJets is the largest operator of private jets in the world with a fleet of over 700 planes. 

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