Dassault Falcon 50

Dassault Falcon 50

Falcon 50 private jet profile, including current pricing, manufacturing dates, cabin size and passenger capacity, range, speed, baggage space, fractional ownership, and jet card options

Dassault Falcon 50 Facts

AOPA Magazine writes, “Falcons have always been known as pilots’ airplanes, and the Falcon 50 and follow-on 50EX preserved those traits while broadening the design’s reach into super-midsize territory. Certified in 1977, the 50 is a three-engine outgrowth of the Falcon 20 design, which also was well regarded for its flying qualities and large cabin. And the 50 became known for being the biggest airplane on the ramp at smaller airports, opening up to its owners many more airport options than its competitors.”

Manufacturing Dates

Falcon 50 interior
Interior of a Falcon 50 from Ajax Jets

Falcon 50 (1980 to 1996), Falcon 50EX (1997 to 2007)

Cabin Category

Super Midsize

Fleet Size

As of June 2021, Amstat lists 332 Falcon 50 and Falcon 50EX in service

Falcon 50 Cabin Size and Passengers

Falcon 50 interior layout

Height: 5.8 feet

Width: 6.1 feet

Length: 23.5 feet

Seating Capacity: Up to 9 passengers


The Falcon 7X a range of 5,466 nautical miles full or 5,840 nautical miles with four passengers. The range of the Falcon 7X is:

Full: 3,057 nautical miles

Four Passengers: 3,200 nautical miles


Maximum Cruise Speed: 552 mph

Normal Cruise Speed: 496 mph

Long-Range Cruise Speed: 411 mph

Baggage Space

115 cubic feet total, 25 cubic feet interior and accessible from the passenger cabin


Fractional Ownership – Yes

Dedicated Jet Card – Yes


Used Falcon 50s are listed starting at approximately $395,000

Other Dassault Falcon models currently in production

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Ajax Jets adds Falcon 50 co-ownership program

Falcon 50 interior

Dassault Falcon jet card provider Ajax Jets is adding to its fleet of nine Falcon 50s with a co-ownership program with hourly rates at $4,350 per hour

Ajax Jets, which launched last year offering a jet card program on an owned and leased fleet of Falcon 50s and 900s, is expanding its super-midsize fleet with a co-ownership program.

Ajax Jets launches jet card on Falcon 50 and 900B fleet

Falcon 50 interior

Fans of Dassault’s high-performance Falcon 50 and Falcon 900B have a new private jet membership offering dedicated options

Ajax Jets is a new jet card provider founded earlier this year by industry veteran John Sullivan.

ProspAir Jet Charter offers up to three free hours for referrals

The upcoming jet card seller is offering customers a chance to earn extra hours through September


ProspAir Jet Charter, whose parent Dumont Aviation operates a fleet of light, midsize, super midsize and heavy jets is offering customers a chance to earn up to three free hours through the end of September. The offer is open to customers who purchase a 25-hour jet card, and for each friend they refer who also buys a 25-hour card membership, they will a free hour up to three total hours. If your referral books a charter, you get a $1,500 credit. 

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