Ajax Jets launches jet card on Falcon 50 and 900B fleet

By Doug Gollan, December 25, 2020

Fans of Dassault’s high-performance Falcon 50 and Falcon 900B have a new private jet membership offering dedicated options

Ajax Jets is a new jet card provider founded earlier this year by industry veteran John Sullivan.

After leaving Sentient Jet in 2007, Sullivan founded Wyvern-accredited charter broker PRIVATE Flite. There was a two-year stop with Dumont Aviation, and since 2016 he was focused on both charter and aircraft sales.

Ajax Access jet card

Now he has launched Ajax Jets. With nine Dassault Falcon 50 and three Falcon 900B private jets under management via triple net leases, he is now looking to make a mark in the jet membership segment.

The aircraft are operated by Chicago Air Group in an arrangement he compares to the initial Wheels Up and Gama Aviation Signature relationship.

Ajax Jets
In addition to hourly rates, Ajax Jets offers fixed-rates by route for its jet card members

The Ajax Access program has several interesting features and is clearly targeted at flyers who can plan at least five days in advance, are focused on flights over two hours, and will fly between 25 and 75 hours.

There are three deposit levels: Flex Access at $100,000, Preferred Access for $250,000, and Elite Access at $500,000. The base hourly rate for the Falcon 50 is $7,000, and for the Falcon 900, it’s $11,000 per hour.

The entry-level is as available. You get guaranteed availability at the middle level except for 82 peak days, and for half a million dollars, you get guaranteed availability 365 days a year. Call-out is 120 hours.

From there, there are minimums articulated in dollars instead of the typical minutes. They vary across three regions. There are also fixed rates between regions and rate caps for flights in the Continental U.S.

Coast-to-Coast private jet pricing

The maximum price for a nonstop flight is $29,500 in the Falcon 50 and $45,000 on the Falcon 900B. Additionally, the Falcon 50 is priced at $27,500 between California, Nevada, or Arizona and Florida, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. The Falcon 900Bs are priced at $37,500. Between Florida and the same northern states is $17,500 or $27,500 based on aircraft choice. Rates are exclusive of the 7.5% Federal Excise Tax.

The 50s guarantee 9 seats, while the 900Bs have a 13-seat guarantee. All have been refurbished between 2017 and 2020.

Members can use their deposits for off-fleet charters, including turboprops. Since launching the program in December, Ajax has signed up 20 members.

Sullivan says the Falcons’ short-runway performance means access to places like Ocean Reef Club in Florida, Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, and East Hampton, New York. It is also a select group of jet cards that includes Hawaii in its fixed-rate service area.

Ajax Jets growth plans

The plan is to grow to 25 aircraft by the end of 2021. Sullivan says he plans to add a Global Express program.

The triple net lease means aircraft owners have no expenses, including maintenance. They then gain access to the fleet on the same basis as jet card members. Sullivan says jet card clients tend to be older UHNWs who plan travel in advance and appreciate the Falcons’ performance. On the other hand, first-time private jet owners like the idea of floating fleet access and monthly lease payments without the usual ownership headaches.

Ajax Jets is now part of the Private Jet Card Comparisons’ exclusive jet card database with over 50 providers and more than 250 programs for paid subscribers.


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