These Jet Cards have the fewest peak days

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If you aren’t flexible to avoid peak days, these providers only have 5 to 45 peak days in their jet card programs

Recently we wrote about Jet Card Peak Days: Here’s what you need to know. In this update, we look at the most current data to show you which providers and specific programs have the fewest peak days.

FlyExclusive orders up to 30 Citation CJ3+s, moves into fractional ownership

Citation CJ3

Fast-growing FlyExclusive is making its first new aircraft order and expanding from charter and jet cards into fractional ownership

Kinston, North Carolina-based FlyExclusive has entered into a purchase agreement with Textron Aviation for up to 30 new Citation CJ3+ light jets. The fifth-largest operator in North America will also enter the fractional ownership market.

FlyExclusive makes executive appointment


Manfredi named SVP of Operations at the North Carolina-based top-five charter operator

FlyExclusive, which climbed from 7th to 4th in terms of flight hours by top charter operators last year, has appointed United States Navy veteran Douglas Manfredi to senior vice president of operations.

FlyExclusive renews Wyvern Wingman status


FlyExclusive has been re-certified as Wyvern Wingman and appointed Merton Cox as Director of Safety

FlyExclusive has earned recertification of its Wyvern Wingman safety certification, the company said. At the same time, it named Merton Cox as Director of Safety.

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