As demand ebbs, Jet Card options grow

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A softening private jet charter market is drawing more operators and brokers to launch and expand jet card and membership offerings

With Argus TraqPak and WingX showing a retreat in demand for private jets, there is a wave of new membership and jet card options.

How to have a better experience from your private jet program

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While you should have high expectations for your private jet provider after paying a lot of money, here are easy tips that will help mitigate disappointment and frustration

Recently I offered some advice for those of you considering switching jet card programs, something about half of subscribers say they are considering.

For jet card and private jet charter buyers, the forecast is sun, clouds, rain, or snow

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During the annual private jet Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference held this week in Nashville, the forecast was varied. Here’s what it could mean to you

There are two questions I get most often from buyers of private jet flights, either through on-demand private jet charter, jet cards, or fractional ownership. When will the prices go back down? And when will the reliability go back up?

Thinking about switching private jet flight providers?

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Salespeople are the front line for private jet providers, but they sometimes put their own companies at risk of disappointing new clients

I often tell subscribers there are two big lies: “I love you forever” and “We don’t have those issues.” Personal commentary aside, the second untruth relates to the state of private aviation.

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