What happens to your jet card and private jet membership deposits?

jet card deposits

After you wire your funds or send in the check to your jet card company, here’s what happens to your money

You just signed the contract for a jet card or private jet membership. The next step is wiring funds or mailing a check for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Chances are you never met the folks you’re sending the money to. Many sales are consummated and completed via phone and email. So, what happens to your money?

How many seats does your jet card guarantee?

private jet interior

Knowing the number of seats your jet card guarantees in a category before you buy can save over $10,000 in a single trip

Jet card buyers value the ability to upgrade or downgrade the size of aircraft based on need. According to The Jet Card Report 2021, 60% of consumers in the process of buying into a private aviation program say they want the feature. However, seating guarantees could be even more critical.

Private Jet Card Comparisons adds Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii search feature

parked boat

Subscribers of Private Jet Card Comparisons can now search for programs with fixed/capped one-way pricing to the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, in both the U.S. and Europe, and for transatlantic flights

Finding the right private jet membership for travel to the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, and other international destinations just became easier for paid subscribers of Private Jet Card Comparisons.

Being midsize is big say three jet card providers

jet card

Jet card execs from Air Partner, Magellan Jets, and Nicholas Air say having hundreds of customers instead of thousands is a benefit

Two are brokers; the other is an operator. None are small, but they are not the most prominent players when it comes to selling jet cards.

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