Here’s where the private jets were flying for the July 4th holiday

private jet travel trends August 2020

While airline passenger counts remained 75% below last year’s levels, private jet flights increased 5% during America’s birthday Independence Day holiday in 2020

– The 50 Busiest Private Jet Airports during the holidays

– Airports with the biggest increases and decreases of private jets

– The most popular private jet routes for the July 4th holiday

As airline passenger levels remained 75% below last year, a detailed analysis by Private Jet Card Comparisons of data from WingX shows not only that private jet flights were up year-over-year by 5%, but where they were going.

Normally a niche segment, private jets are becoming more important to the travel and tourism industry, which before the COVID-19 pandemic supported 10% of worldwide jobs.

How a jet card can help you celebrate the July 4th holiday

VistaJet's children's programs start at $40,000, including the private jet cost for three hours of flying

Last year more than 47,000 commercial airline flights were disrupted during the July 4th holiday period. A jet card membership might be the answer!


What’s the worst way to spend a vacation? Looking at your spouse and children as they sit on the floor of a commercial airport terminal halfway between home and where you are going, their eyes looking at you seemingly saying, “Please help us!” According to AirHelp, last year over 47,000 airline flights were disrupted meaning over five million of you probably didn’t get to enjoy America’s anniversary the way you wanted. Buying a jet card can avoid that.

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