How a jet card can help you celebrate the July 4th holiday

By Doug Gollan, June 22, 2018

Last year more than 47,000 commercial airline flights were disrupted during the July 4th holiday period. A jet card membership might be the answer!


What’s the worst way to spend a vacation? Looking at your spouse and children as they sit on the floor of a commercial airport terminal halfway between home and where you are going, their eyes looking at you seemingly saying, “Please help us!” According to AirHelp, last year over 47,000 airline flights were disrupted meaning over five million of you probably didn’t get to enjoy America’s anniversary the way you wanted. Buying a jet card can avoid that.


Jet cards enable you to charter an entire private aircraft – jet or turboprop – scheduling the flight times when you want to go – not the airline. Best of all, virtually all jet card programs provide service recovery guarantees in case there is a mechanical or a crew shortage.


If you are flying with your family, you avoid the hassles of TSA and those long airport lines. You can arrive within 15 minutes of your departure time and once you land, you will be off the airport grounds in less than 10 minutes. Many car rental agencies will bring your rental car to the private jet terminal having it ready when you arrive.


On flights under two hours, you can cut total travel time by more than half, and if your commercial airline routing involves a connection, you can cut travel time even more. Even better, you don’t have the chances of lost luggage and you don’t have the same prohibitions against taking liquids that you face on commercial flights.


You can now buy jet cards starting at just five hours of travel, so even if you only have a couple summer trips planned, there could be a jet card that meets your needs. There are now 14 programs that offer turboprop jet cards, a cost-effective way if you are flying under 600 miles.


What’s more, some jet card programs are refundable, so if you take a private flight and then decided you prefer long lines and delays, you can get unused funds back. Many jet cards allow you to reserve your flights within 24 hours and also provided you fixed pricing so you know what you will pay for every trip ahead of time.


Most jet cards are pet-friendly so you can bring the entire family. Also, many jet cards allow unaccompanied minors – although this varies by vendor – so they can also be a great way to get the kids to or from camp.


If you are planning to buy a jet card for holiday travel, don’t forget to check peak days when policies change and some programs have surcharges, however, if you have some flexibility you can usually avoid peak days. Private Jet Card Comparisons compares over 250 jet card programs by over 65 variables, including jet card price, pet policies, sourcing standards for aircraft and pilots, extra fees and even if there is guaranteed WiFi.

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