Quarterly jet card pricing, policy analysis for paid members

Private Jet Card Comparisons adds quarterly pricing and policies analysis as benefit for members of the buyer’s guide.

By Doug Gollan, June 8, 2024

Paid subscribersPrivate Jet Card Comparisons members- will now have exclusive access to quarterly jet card pricing and rules analysis.

The quarterly reports from Private Jet Card Comparisons’ proprietary database of more than 80 providers and over 500 jet card options offer members valuable insights into key trends.

The analysis shows quarterly hourly rate trends by:

  • Overall Market
  • Without Turboprops
  • Very Light Jets
  • Light Jets
  • Midsize Jets
  • Super Midsize Jets
  • Large Cabin Jets
  • Ultra-Long-Range Jets

The analysis also covers changes in Daily Minimums, Peak Days, and Callouts, giving members benchmarks to compare policies that impact their flying needs.

New benefits

The additional Premium Content comes ahead of several new features expected to be introduced during 2024.

Private Jet Card Comparisons was founded in 2017.

It is the only buyer’s guide to fractional ownership, jet cards, and memberships that does not sell user contact information to private jet flight providers or accept success and referral fees.

Instead, Private Jet Card Comparisons provides members with updated data, allowing them to compare programs by over 65 variables in an easy-to-use spreadsheet format.

The database, which contains over 40,000 data points, has been updated over 95 times so far in 2024.

Private Jet flight pricing

QUICK COMPARE FLIGHT PRICING is the industry’s only private jet flight pricing tool.

It enables members to compare fully loaded flight pricing based on flight duration within a program’s Primary Service Area.

The calculator considers everything from taxi time to daily minimums, membership fees, fuel surcharges, and for fractional programs, the cost of acquisition less residual value.

Additionally, consumers trying to determine which programs best fit their needs can request a DECIDER CUSTOM ANALYSIS.

By answering a few questions, Private Jet Card Comparisons will provide a detailed analysis comparing the providers and specific programs that best fit their needs.

The data-based analysis enables members to save time and contact providers who are educated about each program’s policy and rules.

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