Jet Card rates up 5.6% since September to $9,760 per hour

By Doug Gollan, December 30, 2021

Jet membership average hourly rates for light jets increased 8.3% to $6,978 while turboprops spiked 24.6% to $5,982 per hour

Guaranteed availability jet cards and memberships with fixed or capped rates increased prices by 5.6% during the past three months.

An analysis of over 675 jet cards in the Private Jet Card Comparisons database showed jet card rates increasing across all categories of private aircraft.

Large cabin jets saw the smallest increase, just 1.9%. The average hourly rate for large-cabin jet cards is now is $13,229 per hour.

The most significant increase was for turboprops, where hourly prices spiked 24.6% to $5,982.

Hourly jet card rates for very light jets saw a 9.2% increase to $6.724. Light jet rates flirted with $7,000, coming in at $6,978 per hour, up 8.3%.

Midsize jet card pricing increased by 4.0% to $7,985 per hour. Super midsize jets saw hourly pricing climb 4.9% to $10,570 per hour.

Ultra long-haul private jets saw prices increase 6.9% to $17,339 per hour.

Jet Card Pricing and Changes – December 2021

% Change
since Sept 2021
% Change
since Dec 2019
Turboprop$ 5,98224.6%$ 4,80025.6%$ 4,762
Very Light Jet6,7249.2%6,15818.9%5,653
Light Jet6,9788.3%6,44215.9%6,023
Midsize Jet7,9854.0% 7,6816.0% 7,531
Super Midsize Jet10,5704.9%10,0755.3%10,042
Large Jet13,2291.9%12,9821.5%13,033
Ultra Long Haul Jet17,3396.9%16,2163.0%16,834
Overall 9,7065.6% 9,1959.5%  8,860
Without Turboprops 9,8504.7% 9,4097.1%  9,193
Source: Private Jet Card Comparisons

Since June, card sellers have been scrambling to increase pricing with demand still at record levels and continued supply chain and labor issues.

In recent months, flyers who charter on-demand have been flocking to fixed-rate jet cards as market-based pricing spiked.

Most programs offer jet card pricing rate-locks of 12 to 24 months, so how quickly providers will see gains is based on attracting new customers and renewals.

Several players have increased rates two and even three times since the summer.

Earlier today, NetJets, which halted sales of new and renewal jet cards in August, said it hopes to restart jet card sales this Spring.

At least a half dozen other providers have stopped accepting new customers. However, it could put a damper on more increases as they come back.

U.S. charter and fractional flight activity are 23% ahead of 2019 levels so far in December, according to WingX.

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