With deliveries sold out until 2024, is NetJets worth the wait?


NetJets will add 100 fractional private jets in 2023, which have already been sold with non-refundable deposits

In 2019 we published an analysis of NetJets titled, Is NetJets worth the price?

Lufthansa halts Lufthansa Private Jet service

Lufthansa Private Jet

Lufthansa had been using NetJets to supply lift for Lufthansa Private Jet before ending the service in April

German flag carrier Lufthansa ended its Lufthansa Private Jet service in April, Private Jet Card Comparisons has confirmed.

NetJets Europe adds 100th private jet

NetJets Citation Latitude

A Cessna Citation Latitude was the 100th aircraft delivered to NetJets Europe earlier this week

NetJets Europe took delivery of its 100th private jet. The Cessna Citation Latitude was delivered on April 12.

NetJets Europe re-opens jet card sales


NetJets Europe has started clearing its waitlist, selectively selling jet cards across all categories

NetJets has reopened sales of its jet cards in Europe. Over recent weeks, the world’s largest private jet operator began contacting clients and prospects on its waitlist.

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