NetJets Europe sends private jets to the U.S. for peak holiday support

By Doug Gollan, December 27, 2021

NetJets has moved 15 private jets to the U.S. from Europe to support peak holiday travel demand

With private jet demand rising in the United States, NetJets has moved 15 aircraft to the U.S. from Europe.

The news was shared via a Linkedin post (below) by Janine Heldorf Olsson, a Copenhagen-based executive vice president with the world’s largest operator of private jets.

NetJets Europe
NetJets Europe private jets on the way to the U.S. during a stopover in Iceland. Credit: Linkedin

She posted, “A helping hand from NetJets Europe to NetJets US. A special day in NetJets history – 15 planes heading westbound to support our owners in getting airborne and home to their families during the Christmas holidays.”

Three accompanying images showed NetJets’ private jets during a stopover in Iceland.

The post drew approval from NetJets’ President Patrick Gallagher, who commented, “NJA+NJE = Air Superiority! Love this photo.”

NetJets makes news in 2021

The industry has been coping with demand and supply issues since the beginning of summer as more UHNW consumers turned to private aviation.

In May, NetJets implemented the first of two rate hikes. It also stopped selling jet cards on its Citation Latitude.

As demand for private jet flights began breaking all-time records in June, NetJets first shelved its Classic jet card program. That allowed members to book flights on as little as 10 hours’ notice. At the same time, it changed the 45 peak days on its Elite card program to blackout dates.

In July, it put its Citation XLS and Phenom 300 jet cards, fractional shares, and leases on a waitlist.

That was followed in August by putting a hold on accepting new jet card customers and creating a waitlist for renewals. Its management arm, Executive Jet Management, which helps serve the overflow needs NetJets, followed suit.

In October, NetJets took a further step to subdue demand. It halted interim leases for new fractional and lease customers. In other words, they would need to wait to fly until their tail was delivered.

At the time, it said it hopes to have a solution for new buyers in Q1. Deliveries are understood to be mainly for September 2022 and beyond.

NetJets has been accelerating deliveries of new private jets with over 100 new aircraft by the end of 2022.

The additional aircraft from Europe is its latest move as it seeks to accommodate the needs of existing customers. NetJets officials didn’t respond to comment as to when the aircraft arrived and how long they will stay.

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