Jet Card Peak Days: Here’s what you need to know

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The average number of Peak Days has more than doubled across fixed-rate, guaranteed availability jet card programs and memberships

Flying on Peak Days can be like flying with an entirely different program, so with the average number of Peak Days having more than doubled, here’s what you need to know.

6 small changes that have a big impact on your final private jet flight cost

Private Jet Card Comparisons Flight Price Comparison Tool

Beyond your hourly rate, these six factors can impact by thousands of dollars what your private jet flight costs

The cost of your private jet flight can change significantly even if your contracted hourly jet card or membership rate stays the same.

Four reasons to avoid flying on private jet peak days

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The rules for private jet membership program peak days are vastly different from normal rules

Some jet card programs have over 100 peak days and high-demand days featuring stricter policies

Private jet peak days with jet cards and membership programs are like joining a second program. Peak days and high-demand days have different rulesets, which can feature severe penalties if you don’t read the fine print.

Jet Cards with the least Peak Days in 2022

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As the number of peak days soars, these jet card providers and programs have the fewest high-demand dates

The number of North American jet card programs with over 60 high-demand days has increased from four to 14 since the beginning of last year.

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