Private Jet Services (PJS) Group On-Demand Charter and Jet Card Membership Now Available with TravelBank

PJS, which has flown Fleetwood Mac, Beyonce and Maroon 5, is targeting business travelers with this new partnership


Private Jet Services (PJS) Group says a new online distribution channel will connect the private jet broker directly to business travelers. TravelBank, a modern expense app for business travelers, offers businesses an efficient way to book travel, track expenses and earn rewards. The application’s proprietary algorithm predicts costs based on real-time market pricing allowing companies to gain a clear picture of future spend before it occurs.  

Former Marlins Owner Sued Private Jet Services (PJS) Group Weeks Before Closing Sale

Ex-Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria had previously sued fans who broke season ticket agreements and has a  trail of litigation


Jet card provider Private Jet Services (PJS) Group LLC is facing a lawsuit initiated by the Miami Marlins two weeks before the baseball club was sold, according to reports in the Miami Herald and Union Leader, a local New Hampshire publication where PJS is based. The company, which recently celebrated its 15th anniversary recently, specializes in private jet travel for live entertainment tours, political campaigns and sports teams. According to its website, its clients have won 113 Grammy Awards, 10 World Series Championships and 13 NHL Stanley Cups. 

Private Jet Services Group Launches Limited Time 15-Hour Jet Card

Jet card hourly pricing is the same as 25-hour cards


Private Jet Services (PJS) Group is turning 15 years old, and while it is better known for its work doing live entertainment tours, political campaigns, road shows, sports team travel and corporate shuttles, it wants more people like you to know it also sells jet cards, which is the point of the 15-hour jet card (compared to the normal 25 hour jet card) it is offering to celebrate its milestone. 

Europe Laptop Ban Unlikely To Spur More Private Jet Charter

Several private jet operators are saying the possible laptop ban for transatlantic flights is unlikely to spur much incremental business. One-way flights between the U.S. and Europe to charter an entire plane runs $60,000 to $100,000. 

Meet The Private Aviation Company That Flies Pro Sports Teams To Their Games

Private Jet Services (PJS) Group has its routes in flying sports teams, rock bands and campaigning politicians.