Private Jet Services Group adds PJS Private Client membership

Elevate Aviation Group’s PJS brokerage is switching from fixed-rate jet cards to a made-to-measure approach with its new membership.

By Doug Gollan, November 24, 2023

Elevate Aviation Group’s Private Jet Services brokerage has decided not to restart its previously offered jet card with fixed rates and guaranteed availability.

Instead, it has launched PJS Private Client, a deposit account with dynamic pricing.

It offers guaranteed availability for domestic flights with 36 hours’ notice and 72 to 120 hours for international destinations.

“The old paradigm, marred by hidden costs, flawed business models, and restrictions, no longer serves the refined sensibilities of today’s discerning high-net-worth individual,” said Jon Reed, EAG and PJS Chief Sales Officer.

The new PJS program offers a daily catering credit, $25 million of insurance, and a dedicated account manager with funds in a JPMorgan Chase escrow account.

There are no membership fees.

“The model forgoes the constraints of membership and interchange fees, placing the client’s desires at the forefront,” noted Reed, a former Wheels Up executive who joined EAG earlier this year.

The company describes its new membership as follows: “PJS Private Client’s dedicated account management team is not just a bridge to private travel; they are trusted allies, ensuring every journey transcends expectations, marrying precision with unparalleled personalization with customized pricing and options on each unique itinerary.”

Dynamic pricing programs are typically favored by flyers who want specific aircraft types, configurations, and vintages.

It also works well for users with additional needs for wait time, repositioning, same-day multi-stop, and roundtrip flying that don’t fit the typical programmatic offerings.

EAG also offers aircraft management and sales and acquisition advisory, large group charter coordination, incentive travel arrangements, and the formulation of emergency/evacuation response plans.

It includes the recently rebranded Part 135 operator Keystone Aviation.

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