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In my fourth installment for about private jet cards and prepaid private jet charter programs, we deal “what doth make thou jet card?” While a number of companies will give you a nice plastic card with your name and their logo on it, is it really a jet card? 

Which Jet Card Is Best?

Which jet card is best?

The answer is there is no single best jet card or prepaid private aviation solution. It really depends on you. To help guide you, Private Jet Card Comparisons has compared over 80 separate programs across 65 points of difference. 

Forbes: What You Need To Know Before You Buy A Private Jet Card

While private jet card users often spend between $100,000 and $500,000 per year, a report from Business Jet Traveler shows most program decisions are made without much consideration. Only 3% of private jet card buyers use a consultant. Over 90% make their decisions based on finding a supplier online, an experience with a friend, or the recommendation of a friend. Yet the needs of each private jet user is different. 

Private Jet Card Programs Provide Exclusive Access

While it may not be one of the main reasons to choose a private jet card program or prepaid block charter program, the fact that you are sending a big check to somebody

While it may not be one of the main reasons to choose a private jet card program or prepaid block charter program, the fact that you are sending a big check to somebody else’s bank account often comes with various VIP perks.

NetJets put on for 200 owners and guests of its fractional program a sunset private concert with Andrea Bocelli on a hillside in Tuscany. It also has offered access to provide golf clubs such as Tuhaye Golf Club in Park City, Utah and Stone Eagle in Palm Desert, California.

Another perk is the annual NetJets Poker Tournament where customers can mix with Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway which owns NetJets.

Sentient Jet offers its members private parties and VIP accessThe Breeder’s Cup and The Kentucky Derby while XOJET program customers can vacation at Yellowstone Club, a private club with its own private ski mountain and golf club.

Sometimes it’s also about the little things. When the NFL implemented new restrictions on what fans could bring into the Super Bowl Flexjet provided its customers compliant, transparent bags so they wouldn’t be inconvenienced.

There is a special section in our 62-point comparison that specifically gives you an overview of what perks and special access each of the 75 programs provide.

Going Behind The Scenes At NetJets

What’s it like to be a customer service representation at the world’s largest operator of private jets? What are some of the most memorable experiences? What will your NetJets CSR do to make that trip even more special? 

NetJets Pre-Tax Earnings Jump 19 Percent

NetJets pre-tax earnings increased 19% “primarily due to lower subcontracting expense and a decline in losses from aircraft impairments and dispositions,” according to parent company Berkshire Hathaway’s 2016 Annual Report. Those gains were “partly offset by increases in depreciation and restructuring,” the report stated. 

Delta Private Jets Expands Porsche Transfers To Delta Air Lines Flights

Delta Private Jets is making it easier and more luxurious to connect between its private jet flights and flights operated by its parent, Delta Air Lines. The private jet provider has been seeking to leverage its affiliation with one of the world’s largest commercial airlines, last fall enabling members of the Skymiles program to begin redeeming miles for private jet cards.