FAA revises Russia sanction rules on private jet charter flights

Russia sanctions

After originally barring Russian citizens, including dual passport holders, from chartering private jets, the Federal Aviation Administration has updated the NOTAM

The Federal Aviation Administration has changed the rules regarding Russia sanctions related to chartering an aircraft.

Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2022 – Week 9

white airplane with smoke under blue sky

Global private jet flights dip for Week 9 while beating 2021 numbers by 38%, including a 44% surge over the trailing month

Global private jet flight activity dropped 4% to 73,746 week-to-week, according to the latest data from WingX.

UK criminalizes private jet sanction breaching charters to Russians

uk flag on creased paper

After impounding a private jet linked to an oligarch, the UK’s Transport Minister said he is criminalizing Russia sanction breaches, including private jet charters to “persons connected with Russia”

Following the seizure of a private jet breaching Russian sanctions at an airport outside London this week, the U.K.’s Minister of Transportation said he has criminalized future offenses.

Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2022 – Week 8

photo of blue sky

Russia sanctions yet to impact global private jet demand as flights remain at holiday levels

So far, sanctions on private jets related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have not impacted the global private jet market.

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