Tracking Private Jets And Yachts Is Easier Than You Might Think

By Doug Gollan, April 1, 2017

While the main benefit of owning a private jet is saving time and better access to more airports compared to flying commercially, privacy and confidentiality are important as well. However, a report by The New York Times shows that for the Super Rich, tracking their movements from jets to superyachts is easier than one might think.

In fact, it can be done by knowing the tail number or yacht name and visiting websites such as,, and
While this hasn’t been a secret, more of it is coming to light as reporters try to link President Donald J. Trump to Russian billionaires who own jets and yachts, trying to match the travels of the president with those of oligarchs. It is a lesson for UHNWs who are concerned about robberies and abductions, that they need to increase their due diligence in how they mask their movements. Read more…

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