Aero is expanding its Los Angeles network with by-the-seat private jet flights to Las Vegas in addition to Aspen, Jackson Hole, and Sun Valley

By-the-seat by private jet operator Aero is adding three weekly flights to Las Vegas.

The new private jet-sharing flights from Van Nuys Airport add to its network, including Aspen, Jackson Hole, and Sun Valley.

At the same time, it’s dropping flights to Napa, which were launched in April.

The Las Vegas schedule includes Los Angeles departures at 5 p.m. on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Return flights operate on the same days with 7 p.m. departures.

The new flights are priced at $950 per seat.

Aero’s service features 16 seats in a 1 x 1 configuration on Embraer 135 regional jets. It uses FBOs instead of regular passenger terminals. Each seat has 43 inches of pitch. That’s more than the typical narrow-body first class, which ranges from 36 to 38 inches.

The new flights put Aero head-to-head with by-the-seat operator JSX which flies to Las Vegas from LAX and Burbank. JSX uses similar regional jets, but they are reconfigured with 30 seats with fares ranging from $99 to $349 per seat.

Both Aero and JSX are included in our exclusive GUIDE TO SHARED PRIVATE JETS.

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