Legacy Aviation is now offering a jet card program with a $25,000 deposit and guaranteed availability for preferred class of aircraft with 48 hours notice. 

The Legacy jet card features no fuel surcharges and ARGUS Platinum ratings.

As part of the plan, there is point-to-point pricing, with examples below:

New York – Los Angeles

$26,400 Non-stop

Citation X

Boston – San  Fransisco

$26,400 Non-Stop

Citation X

Chicago – Boston

$10,700 Non-stop

Hawker 800XP

Dallas – New York

$15,500 Non-stop

Hawker 800XP

Houston – Miami

$12,700 Non-stop

Hawker 400XP

Las Vegas – Washington, DC

$24,000 Non-stop

Hawker 800XP

Los Angeles – New York/Boston

$23,800 Non-stop

Citation X

New York – West Coast

$25,000 Non-stop

Citation X

Phoenix – Miami

$22,500 Non-stop

Hawker 800XP

South Florida – West Coast

$24,900 Non-stop

Citation X

Washington – Miami

$12,500 Non-stop

Hawker 800XP




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