3 Ways Jet Cards Keep Your Private Jet Flying Private

Jet cards can be useful for lovers who don’t want to be tracked as well as highly private business negotiations.

By Doug Gollan, May 19, 2017

Privacy when flying via private jet can sometimes be an issue, particularly with plane spotters or even private detectives staking out various airports. For example, GeekWire was trying to keep track of who is attending the Microsoft CEO Summit by tracking tail numbers of private jets arriving in Seattle.

While companies sometimes try to “hide” their private jets in shell companies, they often can be tracked. For example, Tesla and SpaceX Founder Elon Musk’s private jets are under Falcon Holdings LLC. Jet cards, on the other hand, enable you to fly privately on planes that can’t be traced back to you.


Here are three reasons a jet card can make your private flying private:


  1. You Can’t Be Tracked By Tail Number: Since the plane you are flying on is likely to be different every time and you won’t have an ownership or business connection to it, there is no way to track your movements via a tail number as is possible with a jet you or your company owns.


  1. Jet Cards Are For Lovers:  While chartering creates work for your PA and a billing trail, buying your lover a jet card enables he or she to handle all their flight reservations at contracted rates and terms on their own without a paper trail that comes back to you.


  1. Jet Cards Are For Secret Negotiations: If you are buying companies, selling companies or have a business need for complete secrecy that means even your top staff doesn’t know where you are and where you are going, think jet card. You wire your prepayment and then you can handle all your flying at your negotiated rate with a call or even via an App. For example, if you have to make three or four trips in absolute secrecy, buy a jet card and fly. Even your closest associates will only know that you were out of the office that day.


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