Charter Broker Jettly Adopts Ontario "Code Of Ethics"

By Doug Gollan, May 31, 2017

Jettly, a Toronto-based online broker of on-demand charter and empty legs announced it has adopted the Travel Industry Council of Ontario’s code of ethics.

“In order to make sure our customers are fully protected and to remain in compliance with seller-of-travel laws, our company is now following the Travel Industry Council of Ontario code of ethics,” said company CEO Justin Crabbe. “Adopting these new guidelines has resulted in providing an even higher level of customer service.” 

The code of ethics covers a variety of codes governing sales, marketing, operations, transparency and business standards:



Conduct our activities with honesty, dignity and fiscal responsibility, always protecting and promoting our clients’ best interests.




Communicate material facts to our clients by supplying accurate and complete information in a clear and understandable manner that assists consumers in making informed decisions in their choice of air travel services.




Refrain from using any form of misleading advertising or innuendo in marketing products and services.




Cooperate with any investigation/inquiry by the Registrar or staff of the Travel Industry Council of Ontario to resolve any problems or disputes as soon as possible.




Treat all people with equality and respect.




Fulfill all contractual obligations promptly and completely. Respond to legitimate complaints immediately. Maintain accurate and complete records of all client transactions and safeguard consumer monies.




Abide by applicable laws and regulations and never knowingly do business with those who operate outside those laws.




Maintain responsibility for the competency of all staff.




Treat every client transaction confidentially. Do not disclose any information without a client’s permission, unless required to do so by law.


Conflict of interest:

Be responsible first to clients and a client’s best interests.

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