JetSuite Expands Into Aircraft Management

By Doug Gollan, May 31, 2017

JetSuite, Inc., which offers on-demand charter, jet cards, empty legs and scheduled flights between private aviation facilities through JetSuiteX, is now expanding into aircraft management, targeting single aircraft owners. By entering management, JetSuite can expand its charter and membership business.


According to a press release, “Strong demand in JetSuite’s charter flights and growth in their SuiteKey (membership) program led to the creation of the multi-tiered aircraft management offering.”

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The options within the JetSuite Aircraft Management Program include :

RedStripe is for the owner who wants well-planned use of their aircraft while placing the fixed costs of operations and management on the shoulders of JetSuite. The model enables JetSuite primary access to aircraft for revenue service, while making the plane available for planned trips by the owners on a scheduled basis. JetSuite absorbs all operational and maintenance costs, including crew salaries, training, insurance, management fees, and maintenance.

GreyStripe is targeted for owner/operators and small corporate flight departments who want additional revenue for otherwise stagnant assets. The owners outsource the maintenance oversight and compliance with DOT Part 135 regulation and make their aircraft available to JetSuite as desired, and JetSuite sends its own crew to pick up the airplane, fly it for revenue and return it to the owner at the end of the time block. With GreyStripe, the owner continues to operate the aircraft for their own travel.

WhiteStripe is a more traditional option, outsourcing the complete operation to JetSuite while retaining owner control of the availability of the aircraft. The aircraft is available for JetSuite to use for its own revenue service whenever the owner chooses to make it available.

The program focuses on management of aircraft already in JetSuite’s portfolio, including Phenom 100, Phenom 300, Embraer Legacy 600 and 650 aircraft.

Owners who use the JetSuite management program will gain access to the JetSuite owned and operated fleet.

JetSuite has provided private jet service since 2009 with aircraft including 4-seat Phenom 100s, 6-seat JetSuite Edition CJ3s, and 30-seat Embraer E135 jets.



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