Sentient Jet Offers $2,500 Dining Experiences For Jet Card Buyers

Sentient Jet is offering a $2,500 dining discounts on its jet cards which are priced from $127,325.

By Doug Gollan, July 27, 2017

The VIP perk is part of Sentient’s sponsorship of The Candy Store Cup In Newport, Rhode Island

Sentient Jet, a  Directional Aviation company (think Flexjet), announced it is a supporting sponsor of the Candy Store Cup Superyacht Regatta 2017 in Newport, Rhode Island, starting today, for the second year in a row.  The private aviation provider will be offering an exclusive jet card for attendees and participants. It will also be hosting a mimosa and prosecco bar at the Newport Shipyard throughout the weekend, among other special benefits for Sentient Jet Cardholders. 

During the weekend, Sentient Jet will offer an exclusive 25-hour Jet Card for participants and guests that include a $2500 gift card to Clarke Cooke House, one of Newport’s most iconic, waterfront dining experiences. Food + Wine wrote about the restaurant, that it is “by far the most sophisticated restaurant in Newport.”  Travel + Leisure called it is “one of the top 10 outdoor dining experiences.” Additionally, Cardholders, yachtsmen, and spectators are invited to mingle at a prosecco bar that Sentient will host on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the Newport Shipyard. Sentient Jet will also gift boat owners with a bottle of wine from Pride Mountain Vineyards, one of Sentient’s renowned Napa partner wineries.

“We are honored to partner with the Candy Store Cup for the second year in a row and continue our support of the boating community, which so many of our Cardholders are involved in,” said Andrew Collins, president and CEO of Sentient Jet. “We look forward to celebrating another wonderful weekend of racing at one of the most highly anticipated regattas of the year in Newport with cardholders, yachtsmen, and the regatta’s sophisticated spectators alike.”

 Sentient Jet Card Pricing

Sentient Jet offers its 25-Hour Jet Card in four jet-size options, allowing you to purchase flight time on Light, Mid, Super-Mid and Heavy aircraft as well as in two age classes (Preferred and Select), starting at just $127,325. Preferred program aircraft are from the year 2000 or newer.

Sentient Jet cards have a lead time for reservations of only 10 hours, one of the lowest among jet card providers. According to Private Jet Card Comparisons 65-point analysis, Sentient has only 21 peak days (some have up to 58 days) and a 96-hour peak day reservations lead time (some have up to seven days), again, among the best of the more than 100 programs compared. We also like Sentient’s cancellation policies, making it a good choice for private fliers who need the flexibility to make changes. There is a one-year lock on all-inclusive hourly rates, 15% discounts on hourly pricing for qualifying round-trip travel. There are no fuel surcharges.

Through Sentient’s recently launched mobile app, Sentient Jet Cardholders can now also book private jet travel on-demand, as well as receive flight details, immediate assistance through a 24/7 live chat feature, and localized recommendations for exclusive benefits. With XOJET and Wheels Up, Sentient has one of the largest variety of VIP and luxury lifestyle partnerships alongside the fractional providers such as NetJets and Flexjet that we’ve seen.

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