XOJET Opens Palm Beach Office

By Doug Gollan, August 9, 2017

The Private Jet Operator And Charter Broker Is Focusing On Major Markets


As previously reported by Private Jet Card Comparisons, XOJET is expanding its network of retail offices based on the growth of its charter brokerage business.  The company opened an office at Palm Beach International Airport to be closer to clients in Florida, where the firm saw an 18% increase in Southeast Florida flights in 2016 over 2015.  Last year XOJET’s top five most frequented airport cities in the southeast region of the U.S. were in Florida, the company said in a press release. 


“Given that Palm Beach ranks number three among the top five most traveled destinations in our network and is our most frequented airport in Florida as well as in all of our southeast-U.S. region, it made sense for us to open a retail office here to provide 24/7 personalized service, guidance, and support to our clients,” said Gregg Slow, executive vice president, sales and client services, for XOJET.  XOJET Palm Beach will also help serve the firm’s New York City and Northeast clients, many of whom have homes and business interests in Florida, according to the release.


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“With XOJET Access Solutions and now over 40 aviation advisors working out of five offices, namely New York City, Newport Beach, San Francisco, Sacramento and now Palm Beach, we can further extend the reach of our advise and serve business model to sophisticated private aviation consumers,” said Slow.  “XOJET’s geographic expansion is the next step in our continued evolution as a retail enterprise and the leading provider of aviation solutions for today’s modern flyers,” he added.


In July, Private Jet Card Comparisons (PJCC) exclusively broke the news of several new XOJET programs, including an entry level $50,000 jet card program based on dynamic pricing. XOJET also unveiled a Light Jet program beginning at $5,500 per hour and a Mid-Size program at $6,750 per hour. XOJET at the same time added a monthly membership fee to cover its increased investment in customer support. We were a bit surprised when several PJCC readers who are XOJET customers said they were okay with the new fees based on the provider’s high level of service. However, they expressed concern about what they perceive as the increased wear and tear on the interiors of XOJET’s owned fleet they believe is coming from selling empty legs to JetSmarter. Expansion of its brokerage business provides more options beyond its owned fleet.


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According to XOJET in today’s press release, it will also be adding new brand partnerships to provide Access Solutions members “with incremental benefits and unique access to some of the world’s most distinguished resorts, properties, brands and services.” 


To underline its recent growth, XOJET said of the 200,000 flights it has completed over the past decade, fifty percent occurred in the last four years.  XOJET says it now services 7,000+ clients worldwide. The XOJET Palm Beach office is at 1500 Perimeter Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33406-1406.

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