You Can Now Pay For Jet Cards And Private Jet Charter With Bitcoin

Blue Star Jets founder Ricky Sitomer is moving forward with his ambitious plans for new company Star Jets International.

By Doug Gollan, October 19, 2017

Blue Star Jets founder Ricky Sitomer is moving forward with his ambitious plans for new company Star Jets International


You can now pay for your jet card or private jet charter with Bitcoin, thanks to Star Jets International. In the early part of this decade Blue Star Jets and its principal Ricky Sitomer rose to prominence as a private jet brokerage by combining appearances in Page Six, the New York Post’s gossip column, pictures pages of glossy lifestyle magazines and a name borrowed from the fictitious airline in the 1987 movie Wall Street about greed and ambition. After selling about two years ago, Sitomer, as previously reported by Private Jet Card Comparisons, is again on the move in the on-demand charter and jet card membership segment. 


Sitomer says he is in the midst of building the first pure publicly traded private aviation charter company. Jet cards are a prepaid version of charter. In an industry where many brokers don’t accept credit cards and wire transfers are still the norm, Star Jets announced today it has made arrangements to accept Bitcoin as a payment mechanism for its private jet services.


According to CNN Bitcoin is a new currency that was created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Transactions are made with no middlemen meaning, no financial institutions. There are no transaction fees and no need to give your real name.


“Bitcoin is becoming an increasingly accepted method of payment and we want our customers to have the flexibility to pay via that medium of exchange,” says Sitomer, CEO of Star Jets.


Separately, Star Jets announced that it is taking steps to both remove the “Stop Sign” on its stock and to change the name of its parent company to Star Jets International, Inc.  Those steps require the filing of certain information with and compliance with applicable FINRA rules, State law, and SEC regulations.


“We hope to have the ‘Stop Sign’ removed and the name changed as soon as possible once all regulatory steps are taken,” says Sitomer. Star Jets recently completed a transaction with Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc. in which Star Jets shareholders became the majority shareholders of ADCF. Sitomer says he plans to build a private jet charter and jet card brokerage with over $100 million in sales, primarily through acquisition. During the just completed National Business Aviation Association conference in Las Vegas Sitomer said he is close to closing several deals.


Registered subscribers of Private Jet Card Comparisons can compare Star Jets’ jet card programs to over 100 programs by 65 variables.




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