Air Partner Says Interest In Private Jet Travel Growing

By Doug Gollan, October 31, 2017

The Caribbean, Hamptons, Ibiza, Palma and Nice were the hottest private jet destinations during the summer


Against a background of double-digit growth in private jet charter, Air Partner PLC said private jet inquiries spiked 53% during the summer compared to last year driven by the U.S. and U.K. Reasons for flying ranged from family holidays and business trips to sporting, film and music events. 


According to a report in the American Journal of Transportation, Palma, Ibiza and Nice and southern Italy were the most popular in Europe. In Germany, the most frequented routes were from Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt airports to the Southern Mediterranean, while French clients made the trip from Nice to Rome. In the U.S. the Caribbean and the Hamptons led Florida and Los Angeles, which had been tops in 2016. Air Partner also said it saw an increase in multi-flight trips that combined private jet charter with first class on commercial airlines.


The company, which is publicly traded and dates from 1961, has made itself into a key player in selling jet cards in the U.S. One of the programs strongest features is that it offers guaranteed rates in North America, Europe/CIS and Middle East service areas. Its jet cards also provide guaranteed availabilities and programs start at just 10 hours. Recently it was selected by Conklin de Decker as having the most flexible jet card program in the U.S. You can read a full report on Air Partner’s jet card membership program here.


Commenting on Air Partner’s summer performance, Director Julia Timms said: “We saw a growing trend for multi-destination trips this summer, and it is becoming increasingly popular to combine private jet charter with commercial first-class services – particularly when flying further afield. The summer is always an extremely busy period for the private jet team but it doesn’t stop there – we are already arranging charters for numerous skiing and Caribbean holidays over the winter months.”


In addition to jet cards and on-demand charter, Air Partner also specializes in charter for sports teams, live events, freight and emergency services.

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