The Canadian-based charter broker provides wholesale, fixed fee-based pricing with both individual and business memberships for private jet travel


Canadian-based charter broker Jettly has formed a strategic partnership with UBER, adding the company to its official list of Jettly Global Partners. The company, which launched last year, offers membership programs which are based on monthly fees plus a fixed markup from the pricing charged by the charter operators it uses. 


“As a growing technology company, Jettly has the privilege of working with a select group of premium brands, each offering its members some of the finest travel and lifestyle experiences available worldwide,” said Justin Crabbe, Jettly’s CEO in a press release received by Private Jet Card Comparisons. “We could not be more excited to announce that Jettly Business members can now enjoy an enhanced travel experience with UberBLACK rides to and from select inter-airport terminals across the United States and Canada.”


How does Jettly work?


For each flight or trip, there are no commissions or service fees paid by the consumer. Jettly serves as a matchmaker for members. It provides them five to 10 options for each quote request. Members can see the operator and details on aircraft. While members use an online interface, Crabbe says Jettly sources jets in the same way as traditional operators. Once a member selects an operator for his or her trip, the actual contract is between the consumer and the aircraft operator.


Jettly generates revenue two ways: Consumers sign up for a membership providing up to three charters per month for $370, or annually $3,552. Its business program, which allows 10 charters per month, is priced at $670 per month or $7,152 per year. You can make as many requests as you want and each quote can include multiple legs. On the other side, operators pay a joining fee on a similar scale.

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