Jettly gives 5 extra hours for fixed-rate jet card buyers

Through midnight on New Year’s Eve, Jettly is offering a bonus for its new jet card program with limited availability.

By Doug Gollan, December 27, 2023

Platform and broker Jettly is offering an extra five flight hours to its recently launched fixed-rate jet card program.

According to an email to prospects:

To celebrate, we’re offering an extraordinary bonus: 5 extra flight hours added to any new jet card sign-up or jet card-hour re-up. Yes, you read that right! This offer is a golden opportunity to extend your travel time and optimize your jet card benefits.

Since introducing its guaranteed jet card earlier this year, Jettly has been turning the availability on and off.

Currently, its website shows it is selling 25, 50, and 100-hour denominations.

Its 10-hour jet card is on a waitlist.

How Jettly’s jet card works

However, it’s not five free hours. It’s five additional hours.

For example, the 25-hour version entails an initiation fee of $12,997 and an additional non-refundable $50,000, giving you the right to buy 25 flight hours.

Jettly has followed OneFlight International, offering over 75 aircraft types, each with specific hourly rates.

For example, a King Air 350 is $5,819 per hour, while a Citation CJ3 is $7,084, plus 7.5% FET, plus the $50,000 and $12,997 divided by 25 hours.

According to Private Jet Card Comparisons Quick Compare Flight Pricing, once you add together all the costs, it works out to $8,405 and $9,765, respectively.

While you can pick a type, the guarantee is for a category, such as turboprop or light jet.

So the promotion, valid through the end of the year, allows you to buy 30 hours for $50,000.

That works out to $1,667 per hour to add to its published hourly rates instead of $2,000 per hour.

Still, it’s a savings of $333 per hour.

While you can make deposits, the program functions as a pay-as-you-go after paying the initial fees.

Jettly also provides catering credits and Uber Black transfers and includes deicing.

Daily minimums are just 60 minutes.

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