Jettly Launches Pay As You Go Jet Card Membership Program

The Canadian private jet charter broker is bringing a fixed markup model to its Jet Card.

By Doug Gollan, February 14, 2018

The Canadian private jet charter broker is bringing a fixed markup model to its Jet Card

Canada-based upstart Jettly is bringing its fixed pricing markup model of private jet charter to the Jet Card segment. It follows Wholesale Jet Club last year as well as Paramount Business Jets, which both sell Jet Cards using a fixed markup over operator pricing. U.K.-based Victor has said it will launch a deposit product in the U.S. early this year. In the case of Jettly and Wholesale Jet Club, the programs also include a monthly or annual fee in addition to the fixed markup. 


“When using our new managed account option, you will make a deposit into a secure client deposit account and the funds will be held in trust for ongoing charter use,” said Jettly CEO Justin Crabbe according to a press release received by Private Jet Card Comparisons. “With our program, there are no upfront fees, no minimum deposits and no restrictions on the type or class of aircraft or the number of hours you are required to fly. All you have to do is make a deposit and you are ready to go, as long as you have enrolled in the Jettly Managed Membership.”


In addition to the funds that are deposited into the trust account, customers pay $997 per month or $9,997 per year as a membership fee. In addition to the monthly or annual fee, there is an additional 5% management fee for each charter flight paid to Jettly, which is deducted out of client’s deposit account. “When you opt for a Jettly private jet charter membership, with the new managed membership level, you will have access to the same 9,500 private aircraft that are available for charter worldwide, just like everyone else in this industry,” continued Crabbe. “However, the 30 to 50% commission that brokers usually charge for each flight is eliminated, and all you have to do is pay the extremely low monthly fee.”


The program brings the promise of better pricing combined with the convenience of Jet Card products, however, as with other dynamic pricing models it doesn’t offer guaranteed one-way pricing and it leaves it to the buyer to select aircraft, meaning you will still have to figure out the variables such as operator, aircraft and flight crew sourcing standards.

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