Why buying a jet card is not just about hourly rate

Private Jet Card Comparisons has compiled over 65 variables from more than 35 jet card providers covering over 250 programs and put it all into easy-to-use spreadsheets.

By Doug Gollan, April 8, 2018

Private Jet Card Comparisons has compiled over 65 variables from more than 35 jet card providers covering over 250 programs and put it all into easy-to-use spreadsheets


Imagine having to contact 35 different companies and requesting detailed answers about program policies and fees that go beyond the marketing collateral most send out, then having to put it into spreadsheets so you can compare the offerings. Private Jet Card Comparisons has done it for you with more than 250 programs, each with different offerings, all in one place to make comparing easy for you. 


How are we able to do it?  Private Jet Card Comparisons does not sell or market your contact information or take referral fees from any third party, including of course jet companies. This means you won’t find yourself getting on telemarketing and email lists from providers. Our only revenue source is your $250 subscription fee, which also includes our personal assistance to guide you along in helping identify the issues that are important to you. So what can you compare? 


What jet card features can you compare?

  • Company history, including date founded, ownership structure, headquarters location, the name of CEO and number of employees

  • All jet cards offered by each company, over 250 programs

  • Applicable aircraft for the programs

  • How the program is structured, be it hours, dollars or mileage

  • Hourly rate, including whether or not the 7.5% Federal Excise Tax (FET) is included

  • Program service detailing where your rates apply

  • Additional areas served at dynamic prices

  • Seating capacity for each program

  • How aircraft are sourced, including the standards for each program, ratings from third-party safety programs, including ARGUS, Wyvern Wingman and IS-BAO

  • Minimum pilot experience, including total hours and hours in aircraft type, based on program requirements

  • Are hourly rates guaranteed or are flights price dynamically

  • Expiration of hours

  • Refund policy

  • Ability to refill your card at the contracted rate

  • Availability of escrow account to house advance payments

  • Amount of liability and risk coverage

  • Initiation and membership fees

  • CPI escalators, rates and frequency applied

  • Fuel surcharges

  • De-icing charges

  • Charges for diversions and ATC reroutes

  • Taxi time billed per segment

  • Minimum flying time billed per day and per segment

  • One-way surcharges or ferry fees

  • Other fees and charges you may be billed

  • Peak days, including listing of peak days for travel planning, and peak day surcharges

  • Blackout days, including the list of blackout dates

  • Destinations subject to surcharges

  • Roundtrip discounts and definition of qualifying roundtrips

  • Lead time for reservations, including peak and regular days

  • Cancellation deadline, including peak and regular days

  • International reservations and cancellations deadlines

  • Ability to access multiple aircraft at the same time

  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade the size of aircraft, including additional fees and peak day availability

  • Ability to select your favorite FBO

  • What catering is included

  • Guaranteed WiFi availability

  • Guaranteed in-flight phone service

  • Inclusion of flight attendants on heavy jets

  • Guarantee of fully enclosed toilet on light jet programs

  • Pet transport policies and surcharges

  • Minimum age when sending unaccompanied minors

  • Service recovery policies for non-weather related delays

  • Customer service hours of operation

  • Lifestyle partnerships and perks

  • Key program selling points


Which jet card companies are covered?


Private Jet Card Comparisons compares over 250 jet card programs from more than 35 providers across 65+ variables in easy-to-use spreadsheets saving hours of research and thousands of dollars from choosing the wrong program. We do not charge companies to be included. Companies compared:

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