Luxury Aircraft Solutions launches 5-hour jet card

The Long Island-based charter broker launched its card program in 2016 with a starting point of jet 10 hours.

By Doug Gollan, April 16, 2018

The Long Island-based charter broker launched its card program in 2016 with a starting point of jet 10 hours


The variety of jet cards continues to get wider and wider. While we have seen jet cards starting at 10 hours and $50,000 as starting points (excluding short-term promotion cards from Magellan Jets at $25,000), Luxury Aircraft Solutions, Inc. is now offering a jet card starting at just five hours. Programs such as Wheels Up and Jet Linx have pay as you go jet card options, but require a membership fee that isn’t applied to flight hours. 


“We’re very excited to give people the opportunity to try out our Jet Card program by purchasing a five-hour jet card with no membership fees,” said Daniel Hirschhorn, Managing Director of Luxury Aircraft Solutions in a press release received by Private Jet Card Comparisons. “The benefits our Jet Card program provides are incomparable to anything else out there; we offer a wide array of perks that other companies don’t include with their programs. For example, hours never expire. We also offer the widest selection of aircraft available with no fees to change aircraft category, so cardholders know they can charter the exact type of plane they want for each individual trip.”


Luxury Aircraft Solutions has been around since 2011 but just launched its card program in 2011. Like Air Partner, its cards already start at 10 hours. Card clients receive one-way guaranteed pricing and a 15% discount on round-trip journeys with two or less overnights. Luxury Aircraft Solutions Jet Card program hours never expire and if members are ever unhappy with the program for any reason, their unused hours are completely refundable.


“Customer satisfaction is our top priority,” Hirschhorn added. “We also guarantee aircraft availability for our Jet Card members, even during peak travel times, which is a huge benefit.”


Travelers purchasing five-hour the Luxury Aircraft Solutions Jet Card can choose from turboprop planes, light jets, midsize jets, super midsize jets and heavy jets. Pricing for five-hour jet cards ranges from $21,260 for turboprop planes to $56,150 for heavy jets and include Federal Excise Tax (FET).


Prospective clients looking for more information on the Luxury Aircraft Solutions Jet Card program can download their brochure on the web.

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